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One photo from 1970, and one photo from this year... 2001
     The photo from Nam, has me ( on the right ) with no hat... The trooper
on the left, had the nickname Rabbit...  I have passed this photo on to all
the Ftroopers I am in touch with... No-one can put a name to him.... I left
Ftroop in March of 1971, so this photo was taken, shortly before then... I
know, we were good friends... So, if anyone knows his name, Please ??? pass
it on to me,...  

Rabbit has been found his name is David Upton he is living in LA. He is a member of the 11thACVVC but does not have a computer so he didn't realize he was lost if you want to know more about him contact 

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Gene Cheney

Two Brothers Reunited 31 Years Later

               Gene Cheney               Ken Sheren

Montagnard Village about 2 miles outside of An Loc