Photos by Arnie Boman F Troop 2nd Plt 1971

1. Arnold Bowman (WIA)
2. Sturgill
3. Front Track Barney (KIA)   Feet up Chief (KIA) Rear Track TC Sgt Seidel George Orr (KIA)
4. Unknown Sgt. Anyone know him?
5. Boman Taking Sheridan for a spin
6. Jim Hayes
7. Arnie Boman
8. Looking down a 50 cal. machine gun
9. Sgt. Mervin Seidel
10. Willoby and Doc Pursley
11. Driver of track 22 Mike Craig (WIA)
12. TC Arnie Boman
13. Cameraman Doc Balas
14. HAFA ADAI Fat man track
15. John Snyder chowing down
16. Doc Balas chowing down c rations
17. Dennis Strouse
18. Arnie Boman fixing a flat
19. Homer not real name Shortround
20. John Snyder snoozing
21. Chin Kit Carson Scout
22. Camouflage
23. How about that tan line?  Mike Craig taking a shower Homer and Doc Balas also in pictures
24. Arnie Boman enjoying a can of co-op coffee mmm good
25. Gary (Shortround) Reynolds (KIA)
26. Driver John Snyer TC Dennis Strouse
27. John Snyder Dennis Strouse unknown on either a C-130 or Chinook
28. Sgt Cruz, Fatman, Sgt Stozak
29. Fatman, Boman Fixing a flat
30. Unknown
31. Jerry Walker
32. Boman